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About us

Improve homework, assignments, and projects productivity

Studlytics monitor your students computer to track tasks, assignments, homework, and projects; while also logging keystrokes and mouse activity. Studlytics track time usage, monitor applications and automatically record interval screenshots.

Teachers and parents can download the Studlytics software on the student’s laptop and view the data on our website. The Studlytics software will show teachers and parents exactly how the student is working on assignments and projects.

  • Automatic Time Tracking
  • Attendance Management
  • Assignments and Projects
  • Task management

Why Us

Increase student Success

Studlytics measure both idle and productive hours your students studied on their laptops. Teachers and parents can create a report that displays what students have been doing with their study time, working on a specific task, assignments, projects, or taking a break. This software changes how teachers and parents manage their student’s study time.


We have helped many students become more efficient and productive.

Project Management

Calculate and improve your children’s efficiency with deep insights, reducing their time to complete projects and assignments.

Attendance Management

Our user-friendly student attendance management software allows teachers and parents to approve students’ studying hours.

Desktop & Mobile App

Download the desktop and mobile software to track the time you study or spend on the project from the minute you turn on your computer.

Time Monitoring

Real-time behavioral insights and productivity tracking while looking for ways to take back study hours.

Snap Screenshots

Studlytics automatically takes screenshots to allow you to monitor what students are working on.

Reporting Generation

Studlytics uses data to view trends, clarify complex tasks, and efficient time tracking to help you make better decisions when studying.


Client's Feedback

Alisha Dumoulin

4th Grader Parent

This software keeps my kids accountable for their school assignments and lesson plans. I never need to worry again about if my kids are doing their online schoolwork or if they are looking at inappropriate content online. Studyltics is parents' best tool for keeping kids safe online and a fantastic software tool.

Mary Moran

5th Grade Teacher

As a teacher, I am always worried about students cheating. Studlytics provides me accurate visibility into what my students are doing on the school-assigned computers. I can set a time parameter for each assignment and task given to the students and understand their online study habits.

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